Our vision is to transform UK property industry using Generative AI.

Generative AI (The technology behind Chat GPT) is a game changer. There are several use cases of generative AI for property industry. We have developed human like chatbots to increase estate agents revenue and virtual staging technology to improve property marketing

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As margins in the UK property industry continue to tighten, we need a solution that takes an out-of-the-box approach to assist estate agents. We have identified several opportunities to help estate agents using Gen-AI and are eager to help our customers beat their competition and grow rapidly.

Aman Sood

Founder & CEO @ Propertyjinni Ltd.

Our core values that drive everything we do

We are customer obsessed

We strive to understand our customer deeply. We walk in our customers' shoes to drive our decision making process

We succeed as a team

We demonstrate respect and practice empathy to drive our people and community closer together. We disagree and commit. We put our company first.

We are relentless

Saving money & effort for people is a tough job. There would be lot of unfamiliar obstacles. We either knock them around, or figure out a way to walk around them. Hard work matters and keep going.

We think big

We imagine what is seemingly impossible, not what has been done before. We are changing the way people manage properties in the UK. We need to expand this in a new way.

We build trust

We actively listen, We are the first to call out where we have failed even if this means shining the light on the things that aren't easy to talk about. We support the culture of learning through trying different things.

We never say "it's not my job"

We feel ownership and a sense of obligation to the biggest things but also to the ugly, non-glorious small things. Of course, We do have clear roles and responsibilities assigned but at the end of the day we need to re-architect property industry so we will do whatever is necessary for that.

We are frugal

We spend wisely. We prioritise ruthlessly, and deeply company's resources, time and money efficiently. We spend company's money as if it were our own.

We embrace change

As a company, we know the road ahead will always be full of twists and turns. We're methodical about planning, long and short term, about communicating and about follow-up, but the World changes fast and often.

We celebrate the difference

Diverse perspectives drive better outcomes - For PropertyJinni and our customers. We are inclusive. We value the contributions of all. We create a safe and supportive environment for everyone to do their best work, develop and advance.

We deliver results

We take ownership for the problems at hand and we solve them in a high-quality way. We're accountable, we follow through and let people know if we are out of track. We don't shy away from hard decisions . Results matter.

We get to the bottom of things

We care deeply about getting to the root cause of an issue with the best available information. We do this as quickly as we can and we use intuition and data to develop our solutions

We Simplify

We can make the most simple to use product using the most complex technologies. We simplify our explanations, our processes and our approach

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