Close more deals automatically with real-time Intelligent chat.

PropertyJinni helps UK estate agents close deals effortlessly

  • Chat with clients from website, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram on one screen
  • Spend your time only on prequalified, hot leads
  • Let the chatbot automatically close deals 24/7
  • Get FREE Sales CRM Designed specifically for UK Estate Agents
  • Get a rating of how effective your sales team is

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Join leading real estate businesses using PropertyJinni technology

Increase Sales

Increase Sales

Qualify leads, personalise recommendations, cross-sell, and upsell automatically, 24x7

Improve Landlord & Tenant Engagement

Improve Landlord &
Tenant Engagement

PropertyJinni enables Estate Agents to offer automated query resolution, Issue triaging, Sentiment Analysis and Dynamic FAQs for their clients.

Increase Sales Efficiency

Increase Sales

Sell and let properties faster with the assistance of Gen-AI technology. Use PropertyJinni's FREE CRM to close leads faster

No technical knowledge needed.

Just adopt a forward-thinking approach and an open mind to leverage newer technologies and stay ahead of your competition. We handle all the technology work for you.
We even give you free trainings and unlimited support.

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