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Top Tips for Managing Your Rental Properties Like a Pro with PropertyJinni

Top Tips for Managing Your Rental Properties Like A Pro
Effectively managing residential or commercial rental properties in the UK requires establishing efficient systems. Implementing streamlined workflows and utilizing the right property management tools allows landlords to operate at a higher professional standard.
PropertyJinni provides an unmatched software solution built specifically to enable expert-level rental property management for landlords in the United Kingdom. The comprehensive platform is designed to automate oversight, providing a centralized solution to elevate your rental business. Best of all, PropertyJinni delivers this pro-level functionality completely free.

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Let’s review the top tips for managing your portfolio like a seasoned pro using PropertyJinni:
Centralize Information
PropertyJinni allows you to store all your rental property details and documents in structured online databases. Key data is organized as follows:
  • Property database for details like ownership information, amenities
  • Tenant database storing applicant details, employment info, reference checks
  • Lease database outlining all relevant terms like rent amounts, deposits
  • Unit database cataloguing details for each individual unit
With everything in one place, you gain a systematic view of your entire portfolio.
Streamline Workflows
PropertyJinni automates the most repetitive management tasks:
  • Collecting recurring rent payments
  • Dispatching new tenant applications to your screening service
  • Sending lease renewal reminders
  • Notifying tenants of upcoming inspections or maintenance
Configure these workflows once, and the software handles them automatically going forward, saving you substantial administrative time.
Stay Organized with Calendars
Leverage PropertyJinni’s centralized calendars to keep track of critical dates:
  • Lease end dates so you can prompt lease renewals
  • Applicant screening deadlines to move the process along
  • Upcoming maintenance visits and inspections
Calendars provide an at-a-glance view of important timelines and deadlines.
Enable Self-Service
PropertyJinni empowers tenants to self-serve several needs:
  • Submit maintenance requests through their online portal
  • Schedule rent payments to process automatically
  • Upload documents like pet registrations required by the lease
This convenience improves tenant satisfaction while freeing up your time.
Go Paperless
PropertyJinni enables you to go completely digital for less clutter:
  • Lease contracts and addendums can be electronically signed
  • Tenants upload documents like paystubs or utility bills online
  • Invoices, statements and other documents are stored digitally
This reduces physical paperwork and mailings for increased efficiency.
Take Advantage of Automated Notices
PropertyJinni has built-in templates allowing you to automate various tenant notices:
  • Late rent payment reminders
  • Lease renewal invites
  • Pre-inspection notifications
Configure these once, and the system will send them automatically based on your set criteria.
Facilitate Smooth Communication
PropertyJinni enables convenient two-way communication with tenants:
  • Direct in-platform messaging to quickly resolve issues
  • Email and SMS capabilities to provide updates
  • Shared comments on maintenance tickets to communicate status
Proactive communication develops positive tenant relationships.

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Go Mobile
PropertyJinni is accessible on any device, enabling on-the-go management. Easily collect rent, dispatch work orders or handle tenant inquiries from your smartphone. Mobile optimization allows you to address issues quickly no matter where you are located.
By leveraging PropertyJinni’s portfolio management tools and automation, landlords can streamline oversight, improve efficiency and strengthen tenant satisfaction. The all-in-one platform powered by specialized functionality and automation enables true portfolio management at scale. Sign up for your free account to start managing your properties like a seasoned pro today.

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