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10 Artificial Intelligence Tools for Estate Agents

AI Tools for Real Estate Agents Innovation

AI elevates business automation by leveraging predictive analytics to anticipate needs, handle customer interactions, conduct research, and compose communications. Its applications in business span across various areas such as customer service, accounting, marketing, and human resources.

Here are some use cases for AI across Estate Agency business functions.

Infographic displaying AI applications for real estate agents, highlighting marketing strategies, sales enhancement tools, and customer service improvements through AI technology.

AI Used cases for Estate Agents

Now that you understand how AI works and the use cases for Estate Agents, let’s dig deeper into some of the best AI tools for Estate Agents.

1. ProperyJinni

What it is: PropertyJinni is the biggest Real Estate AI company in the UK. The company uses AI to automate several functions in marketing, Sales, and customer services.

Cost: Free Trail; premium option for £15 per month

PropertyJinni acts as a virtual agent, operating 24/7. It engages with prospects through estate agents’ websites, Facebook pages, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Telegram. By capturing and filtering genuine leads through AI-powered conversations, it enables estate agents to chat with buyers and landlords in real-time via the PropertyJinni mobile application. Additionally, PropertyJinni offers a lead CRM, allowing estate agents to manage their valuation requests, meetings, and tasks. It integrates with all your favorite tools, simplifying your workflow and helping you focus on closing more deals.

  • PropertyJinni as a social media engagement system: Use PropertyJinni to manage and enhance social media engagement by enabling to respond to comments, and participating in relevant conversations to increase your agency’s visibility.
  • PropertyJinni as a Chatbot builder to expedite deal closures
  • PropertyJinni as a CRM to manage deal flow
  • PropertyJinni as a customer service agent to manage existing tenants automatically
  • PropertyJinni can save your time in writing property descriptions
  • PropertyJinni as a scheduling and appointments system
  • PropertyJinni as a feedback collection system
  • PropertyJinni as a virtual staging tool to market your property in a better way

2. ChatGPT

What it is: A chatbot using natural language processing (NLP)

ChatGPT is designed to understand NLP and respond to user prompts. It can answer questions, solve problems, and converse about various topics. However, it pulls information from a data set that was cut off at 2021. ChatGPT does not consider information and news after that period when responding. Any information and news after that period is not considered when ChatGPT formulates a response.

  • Market Analysis Reports: Create comprehensive market analysis reports by asking ChatGPT to gather and synthesize the latest market trends, pricing information, and local area insights, saving valuable research time.
  • Email and Message Drafting: Simplify communication by using ChatGPT to draft emails or messages to clients, whether it’s following up on viewings, providing updates on the market, or initiating contact with new leads.
  • Training and Onboarding: Leverage ChatGPT as a training tool for new agents by providing instant answers to their questions about processes, documents, and best practices, enhancing their learning experience.
  • Translation Services: For agencies dealing with international clients, ChatGPT can assist in translating communications, property descriptions, and documents, breaking down language barriers.

3. Bing AI

What it is: Microsoft’s AI-powered chatbot

Cost: Free

Despite a challenging beginning, Microsoft’s generative AI chatbot, which accompanies the Bing search engine, is here to stay and demonstrates potential. Unlike ChatGPT, Bing AI operates differently as it isn’t confined to a predetermined dataset for user responses. Instead, it gathers information from the entire web, even post-2021. Additionally, Bing AI provides footnotes and source links for additional context. To access it, simply input a query into the Bing search engine and select the “Chat” feature.

4. DALL-E 2

What it is: An AI art generator using machine learning algorithms

Cost: 50 free credits for the first month and 15 every month after

DALL-E 2, a machine-learning model, has the ability to:

  • Translate text descriptions into artwork
  • Modify pre-existing images of your advertisements or Property Images
  • Generate diverse renditions inspired by an original image to create social media content

It serves as a source of inspiration for your artistic endeavors and offers alternatives to mundane stock photos to distinguish your agency from your competitors. DALL-E 2 follows the footsteps of its predecessor, DALL-E, introduced in January 2021, boasting a fourfold increase in image resolution, resulting in more lifelike creations.


What it is: A copywriting tool using machine learning

Cost: Starts at $49/month for 50,000 words

Previously named Jarvis, is a copywriting tool designed to accelerate content creation across various formats such as blog posts, social media content, product descriptions, emails, and beyond.

For instance, when crafting a blog post, users can select the topic, desired tone, and target audience before clicking on the “Generate” button to produce the content.


What it is: An AI content generator

Cost: Free, or paid plans from $36/month

A competitor to, offers a free basic package and paid plans without word restrictions. It employs deep learning to generate content across various formats including blog posts, social media content, advertising copy, emails, case studies, video scripts, and others. So if you promote your agency through social media marketing this tool would save your time a lot.

Simply input details or keywords, select from nine preset tones, or craft a custom tone. Whether you desire a welcome email resembling Oprah’s voice or a Facebook post echoing Jeff Goldblum’s style, fulfills the task effortlessly.

7. Murf

What it is: An AI voice generator

Cost: Free, or paid plans from $29/month

Murf is an AI voice generator that converts text into speech, voice-overs, and dictations. It has 120+ voices in various languages and accents.

If you create courses, videos, or podcasts to promote your Estate Agency brand over the internet, you can use it to quickly and inexpensively add voice-over, or even convert your own voice into one of the AI voices. You can choose from a variety of dialects when generating your speech.

8. BrandMentions

What it is: AI social media monitoring tool

Cost: From $99/month

BrandMentions is a machine-learning tool designed to track mentions of your agency brand, local competitors, or selected keywords. By specifying the keywords you wish to monitor, the platform conducts comprehensive analysis across social media, blog posts, and various online sources. This is a good tool to keep a tab on references to your estate agency brand on the internet.

This tool also serves as a valuable resource for assessing sentiment towards your brand, evaluating the effectiveness of individual marketing campaigns, and staying informed about your competitors.

9. Descript

What it is: An audio and video editing tool

Cost: Free plan or paid options from $12/month

If you generate vast amounts of content for marketing and advertising your properties on social media, make presentations for HNW property investors, or release your own podcasts, you would know, before sharing any of this content, editing is often required, presenting a significant challenge.

Descript simplifies the editing process by offering a comprehensive suite of tools. With Descript, you can write, record, transcribe, collaborate on, and edit audio, videos, and podcasts seamlessly, ensuring your content meets your standards before publication.

Simply drag and drop your video into the platform to transcribe the entire audio into text, allowing for easy editing. Descript even enables you to convert the edited text back into audio effortlessly. Additionally, Descript has the remarkable ability to clone your voice, adding a unique touch to your recordings, and enhances them with studio-quality sound.

10. Feedly AI

What it is: Feedly is the fastest way to track the topics and trends that matter to you

Feedly is a news aggregator app that compiles news feeds from a variety of online sources to customize and share with others. “I use Feedly to simplify and narrow my daily research, which has made my process much more organized,” said Cheung, who uses it to research the latest trends for his newsletter. Forget staying up to date with multiple sites, use AI to deliver everything you need to know to the same place.

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