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Tips to get more stock and listings for your Estate Agency

Estate Agency Listings Tips UK

Thank you for checking our 10 top series to get more leads. Here is the first top of the series.

Tip 1:

“Ask your customers to do a simple video testimonial after you sell their property and put it on your website and social media”


Applicable for:

More for smaller agents then larger agents

How to do:

Step 1

If you are busy to meet them just tell them to record a basic video on their mobile explaining what you did for them and their feelings about your service and WhatsApp it over. This video can be from 15 seconds to 1 minute long.

Step 2

Post the review on all your social media channels congratulating and tagging the buyer and your website. If you want to highlight something in the video then use any free video editing tool like Canva or DaVinci Resolve and add your text in the video and enhance your video.

Both of these steps are crucial; every minute spent on them now will save you countless hours in future sales efforts.

Many small agencies overlook this since it doesn’t yield short-term revenue. However, these reviews will gradually generate significantly more income without direct selling efforts. So, if you’re running a smaller agency and aim to expand beyond the scope of lifestyle businesses, this is a step you should never skip. We at PropertyJinni are working on a AI solution to capture these reviews and very soon you would be able to gather and publish these reviews without much efforts.

This is the best way to build long term trustable brand. These video testimonials serve as a critical component of your agency’s marketing and reputation management strategies. Here are several ways in which testimonials can significantly benefit your estate and letting agencies:

1. Build Trust and Credibility

Testimonials from happy and satisfied clients act as endorsements, signalling to potential clients that your agency is trustworthy and reliable. Watching or reading about someone else’s positive experience provides a level of social proof that is hard to achieve through traditional marketing messages.

2. Highlight Success Stories

Every video testimonial tells a story of a problem solved or a need met. By showcasing these success stories, agencies can demonstrate their ability to meet and exceed client expectations, whether it involves finding the perfect home for a buyer, securing a tenant for a landlord, or effectively managing property. If you don’t have any sales right now, consider asking your former colleagues to create these videos, highlighting your positive traits (such as being friendly, trustworthy, honest, a good negotiator, etc.)

3. Improve SEO and Online Presence

Testimonials can be a valuable content source for an agency’s website and social media platforms, helping to improve search engine optimization (SEO) through fresh, relevant content. Moreover, positive reviews on third-party sites like Google My Business and Yelp further enhance an agency’s online visibility and reputation. Think about a potential client searching your website and google showing a video from your client praising your agency.

4. Personalise the Service

Video testimonials often highlight specific attributes of your agency’s service, such as attention to detail, communication, or negotiation skills. This not only personalises the service but also helps potential clients understand the unique benefits of choosing your agency over competitors. Remember nowadays more and more decisions of choosing an agency are carried out after reading about them online.

5. Feedback Mechanism

These feedbacks offer honest insights into your services, which are invaluable for continuous improvement. There might be times when you believe you’ve done outstanding work, but the client’s expectations and perception could differ. This approach helps you stay grounded and understand what is working for you and what isn’t. By recognizing what clients appreciate most, agencies can focus on enhancing these areas and addressing any aspects that may require improvement.

6. Increase Conversion Rates

The inclusion of testimonials on websites and in marketing materials can significantly increase conversion rates. Potential clients who are on the fence about choosing an agency might be persuaded by reading about the positive experiences of others.

8. Strengthen Relationships

Asking for testimonials can strengthen the relationship between your agency and these clients. It shows that your agency values their opinion and is committed to excellence. Moreover, clients who leave testimonials feel a stronger connection and are more likely to become repeat clients or refer others.

In conclusion, testimonials are a potent tool for estate and letting agencies. They not only serve to build trust and credibility but also play a crucial role in converting potential clients into loyal customers. By effectively collecting, managing, and showcasing testimonials, agencies can significantly enhance their market position and growth prospects.

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