How to Reduce Stress and Save Time with PropertyJinni’s Free Property Management Software

Reduce Stress and Save Time with PropertyJinni’s Free Property Management Software
As a landlord or property manager in the UK, inefficient management workflows result in lost hours and unnecessary stress. But by implementing a streamlined property management software solution like PropertyJinni, landlords can reclaim time and reduce headaches.
PropertyJinni provides powerful tools to automate administrative tasks, optimize maintenance management, and facilitate smooth communication. This enables landlords to focus their energy on high-value activities that grow the business, not repetitive manual work. Even better, PropertyJinni offers all these time-saving capabilities completely free.

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Let’s explore key ways PropertyJinni’s software reduces landlord stress and saves time:
Automated Workflows
PropertyJinni automates the most repetitive, tedious tasks that drain landlords’ time:
  • Collecting recurring rent payments
  • Dispatching maintenance requests
  • Sending lease renewal reminders
  • Generating income reports
  • Notifying tenants of inspections
Landlords simply set up these workflows once in PropertyJinni. The software then handles them automatically going forward, freeing up hours of time.
Simplified Maintenance Management
Maintenance issues are prime sources of stress. PropertyJinni streamlines the process end-to-end:
  • Tenants submit requests online
  • Tickets automatically dispatched to the right landlord contact
  • All communication logged within the system
  • Reminders and timelines keep repairs on track
  • Expenses tracked and tied to each property
This automation eliminates the headaches of fielding maintenance calls and follow-ups.
Organized Documents and Data
PropertyJinni centralizes all your data and documents in structured databases:
  • Property database stores addresses, unit details, maintenance history
  • Tenant database keeps applicant information and employment organized
  • Leases are logged with all relevant terms, signatures and documents
  • Documents like leases and invoices are accessible 24/7
No more wasting time hunting down papers or piecing together scattered Excel files.
Robust Accounting Insights
PropertyJinni makes financial tracking and reporting easy:
  • Rent collection automatically logged from tenant payments
  • Expenses can be captured for repairs, capital improvements, etc.
  • Generate instant income statements, rent rolls, P&Ls per property or portfolio-wide
  • Scheduled reports keep finger on pulse of profitability
This enables data-driven decisions to maximize returns.
Enhanced Tenant Communication
Engaging tenants is simple through:
  • Online portals for requests and document exchange
  • In-platform messaging to coordinate showings, resolve issues
  • Email and SMS to send updates, reminders
  • Notification templates for renewals, inspections and more
Simplified communication improves tenant satisfaction and retention.

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True Mobility
PropertyJinni is accessible on any device through the cloud, enabling on-the-go management. Landlords can view the tenant database, dispatch notifications, and approve maintenance requests anywhere with cell service. This allows Issues to be addressed promptly even when away from your desk, reducing headaches.
By centralizing data, automating repetitive tasks, and facilitating smooth communication in one free platform, PropertyJinni saves landlords substantial time while eliminating headaches. Managing your rental property portfolio has never been easier. Sign up for your free account today!

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